ARAM ESTATE SERVICES is a real estate service company providing expertise in rent, buy, lease and selling of properties, property valuation, land documentation, property management, Janitorial/cleaning services and architecture works.

    We aim to make real estate services access very easy in the market.  We are located in Tamale, the capital town of the Northern Region.

    At ARAM we are dedicated to making property search, acquisition, documentation process, and other real estate services very easy for you.

    You can trust us to deliver the best of services to you at your  comfort zone, we take care of all the hustle involved in property listing, search, acquisition etc.

    We understand one can be very busy in these times but you don’t have to worry or have to go through all the troubles involved in these processes, you can trust ARAM estate services with your estate needs, we will take it upon ourselves to deliver above your expectation so you can always concern yourself with other relevant matters you might have to attend to. We will deliver. Trust us we are here for you.

    Mission statement

    Our mission is to provide quality, easy and accessible real estate services to our clients


    Vision Statement

    ARAM ESTATE SERVICES aims to be the number one and true estate services providers in Ghana.



    Respect and trust: we treat clients and one another with utmost respect and dignity

    Integrity: We conduct ourselves in the highest ethical standards in the industry

    Commitment: We are committed to delivering the best of service satisfaction to our clients

    Quality: ARAM ESTATE SERVICES delivers only excellence and we aim to exceed customer expectations in all our endeavors




    The Services:

    ARAM ESTATE SERVICES provides comprehensive Listing and Buyer services for all properties and land as well as other property services in Ghana. With the current economic conditions, this has become an emerging market.  

    ARAM ESTATE SERVICES shall become very astute at acquiring offers on these properties, negotiating directly with the clients to convince them to accept market value offers.

    ARAM ESTATE SERVICES is a full-service Real Estate company that specialises in residential/commercial sales and services. The company represents both sellers and buyers in the sale of property and/or land. ARAM ESTATE SERVICES company philosophy is to provide all clients with state of the art marketing tools and the best in customer service.

    The primary services ARAM ESTATE SERVICES offers are:

    1. Listing Services: The Company’s goal is to provide clients who use our listing service with top notch marketing services, which provide maximum exposure for the property being sold. This exposure helps produce the maximum numbers of potential buyers, which in turn will furnish the best possible sales price for their property. ARAM ESTATE SEVICES’s Listings’ number of days on the market’ has consistently been shorter than the industry’s average, thus adding to our resume of outpacing the market.
    2. Buyer Services: The goal is to provide the new or seasoned property buyer with the most comprehensive representation service available in the market. This is accomplished through a detailed consultation with the client, extensive research and knowledge of the marketplace, strong negotiating techniques, and the ability to react on a moment’s notice when the right property becomes available.
    3. Land Documentation: Land documentation is increasingly becoming popular in this part of the country and come in many forms. ARAM ESTATE SERVICES is committed to assisting its customers in obtaining
      • deed of lease
      • deed of sublease
      • deed of assignment
      • deed of vesting assent
      • deed of lease renewal
      • deed of surrender and renewal of lease
      • deed of variation

    This is achieved by the blend of experts from the field of real estate and land management and legal practitioners who understand well the requisites of the field and aim at protecting the interest of customers.


    4. Property Valuation/Appraisal: Knowing the value of a property has become a necessity in the transaction of land and land related properties. As part of our services, we help clients get the right value for their property by indulging professionally trained members and fellows of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) to undertake valuation for the purposes of:

      • Rentals
      • Sales
      • Compensation
      • Force sale
      • Insurance

    5. Property Management: Corporate bodies and individuals have got their daily or timely routine activities that they perform in the property they use. Managing the same property often times interfere with the activities that they perform and so therefore, lose focus. At ARAM ESTATE SERVICES, we take charge of maintaining the building/property to make it safe, secure and convenient for use whiles the occupants/customer focus on their core business to produce the best results. In doing so, our property management aspect is tasked to:

        • Collect rent from tenants
        • Manage tenants
        • Fixing deficiencies
        • Conducting repairs


    6. Janitorial/Cleaning Service: Our janitorial service offers the professional cleaning. This includes the cleaning of:

        • Residential properties
        • Professional offices
        • Educational facilities
        • Medical facilities and
        • Industrial premises